It’s December

Picture 3My poor forgotten blog and blog readers, will you still continue to follow my blog even though it’s outdated and static?  Life for the Morgans has been so busy that I often forget to check back here and post.  I’ll begin with a series of photos and narrate from there in order to get you up to speed.

We celebrated Arlo’s first birthdayIMG_5426 We made soap paint and got it everywhere
IMG_6719 We cleared out the last few hot peppers from our garden
We raked massive quantities of leaves and jumped into the pilesIMG_0029 We celebrated cousin’s second birthday and ate cakeIMG_6870 I sewed this pouf for little missIMG_0076 Dressed up as a tiger and roared IMG_0082 Trick or treated with DeclanIMG_0086 Had some old friends visit all the way from TexasIMG_2789Best friends reunitedIMG_0125

Watched Daddy and Pappaw treacherously perched up on the roof to install skylightsIMG_6892 Watched them return to ground safely and stood in awe at their handiworkIMG_0149Daddy prepped the electrical and installed can lights before we had insulation sprayed in (hello tax break)Insulation

Last but not least, Daddy got the opportunity to rock out with his bluegrass band, Old Kentucky Joy, a few times (they do gigs so let me know if you are interested)Mm Band

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Amos was in his cousin’s wedding in September and snazzed up for the occasion.  I made his bow tie using this online tutorial.  

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Apple Picking and the Pumpkin Patch



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Bug started Mother’s Day out at the End of August and it’s been a transition for the both of us.  Last Thursday was the first time he wasn’t crying when I arrived to take him home, he appeared to be having a good time as he pushed the baby stroller around the room which was reassuring to me.  I asked one of his teachers if he had made a friend or two and if he got along with everybody and she said that everyone liked Amos and after looking around at all the children she said, “he seems to like all of the girls”.  I’ve noticed that he’s always kind to little girls and mostly willing to share with them until they show any sign of aggression toward said play item and then he isn’t interested in interacting anymore. His backpack didn’t arrive until the day after he started and the photo above reveals his excitement.  Now he refuses to take it off there or at the church nursery.  He’s growing up so fast and I love the new words he gets the courage to say in front of me.  (he won’t say words in front of anyone but me and Mm)  Some are (I’ll keep adding so that I can remember when the dr. asks):  mouse, red, green, yellow, purple, blue, blow, boo boo, animal noises, no no (to any dog barking), mama, dada, nan nan, papaw, mamaw, Adeline, Lyla, Tristan, roll, bubble, poo poo, tool noises, draw, yikes, ball and his first sentence was – Build it mama!

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I’m Not Giving Up . . .

I will return to blogging but there are so many things I want to write about that I’m feeling overwhelmed about where I should start.  For now we will look at pictures of my loves.

Noodle necklace craft

Helping Papa measure (I’m sorry Mm, this is too cute to keep to ourselves)

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Life Cycle of Our Backyard

The first photo is what our backyard looked like last Fall after we bought our house.  Michael and I were very sad about the state of it and weren’t certain how my visions of a large garden could possibly come true.  It was a mosquito paradise and between the two holly trees was a hole that we thought could be sinking into the ground but we didn’t know for sure until this spring that it actually was.  I’ll save those photos for the next post.  Much to our chagrin we had those trees cut down so that my garden could grow with some much-needed sunshine because as you can see, almost the entire yard was shaded.  I’ve spent a lot of time working on the garden and landscaping this spring and I’ve been rewarded.  Everyday Amos gets to go pick and eat the most ripened raspberries and sometimes a few tart ones because he can’t help himself to wait.  I germinated everything from seed except for the lettuces and am growing: Roma/ Beefsteak Tomatoes, Kentucky Pole Beans, Zucchini, Strawberries, Raspberries, Basil, Rosemary, Red Peppers, hot peppers and either Cantelope or Watermelon (I mixed up the seeds early on and only two plants survived so now we’ll wait and see).  Now that the hole has been repaired and I’ve actually had success with my first garden, we will expand the garden and I’ll try my hand at some Red Russian Kale (I tried it for the first time this year and it’s quickly become my favorite veggie) and possibly more berries.

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Amos at the Beach from Beth Morgan on Vimeo.

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