Welcome to my World

This was very creative. The chef used about 20 pineapple shells to make these tall palm trees, lbs and lbs of brown sugar to mimic sand and cut star fruit into starfish. I loved it! It’s too bad that I didn’t ask for the sugar at the end of the night so that I could bake lbs and lbs of chocolate chip cookies. J/K
A five minute break to pose with my beau.
Louisville Photo Booth. I thought that this would be fun for our guests. All you had to do was hop in, close the curtain, push the button, pose, smile and voila’. And just like the olden days the photo would pop out the side. Good times Mm.
This was the beach basket which included some white coach sunglasses that one of my committee members created. It was a hit and can you believe that a 13 year old had the highest bid? (or maybe her doctor father did) $300 or so.

Construct a party for 310 people on a limited budget, no sweat. Actually I did sweat. There were times when I’m certain that my blood pressure sky rocketed and I was afraid that I might yell at the next person who bossed me but I made it through. This was the largest attendance for the Gala ever and although we haven’t run the final event report I am certain that we rocked out the silent auction. For the live auction we made $1800 for a Colts package ( two tickets to the New England vs. Colts game, an over night stay @ The Conrad Hotel & a $200 gift cert) and offered the same package to the second highest bidder if he were willing to match the price which he did, $1100 for an amethyst & diamond pendant, $900 for a week stay in Kissimee Florida, $1100 for an Alaska fishing vacation and $800 for a leather/fur coat. Total = $6700 dollars We had over 90 silent auction items and only a handful weren’t sold because the minimum bids weren’t matched. I’ll let you know how the numbers turn out. What a month this has been. I find that work has taken over almost every waking moment of my life and I’ve decided to change that. News to come soon.

About that Amethyst & diamond pendant . . . the gentleman who bought it gave it to me. I refused several times and he would not take no for an answer. HE Did this in front of my parents, friends, co-worker, volunteers and my BOYFRIEND! Oh well, it looks as if I’ll be using the money earned from it to buy me a plane ticket or two. ;)


About Beth

I'm a woman striving to follow Jesus. I live in Louisville, KY with my handsome Michael and I am very thankful for the life that I have.
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One Response to Welcome to my World

  1. kdurec says:

    Events are always stressful! It’s what I used to do before Kendra. Yours looked great! How crazy about that necklace! Where will you go with the money? :)

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