81 Days

I realize that I have been very brief in my blog postings lately, meaning photos without text or little to no explanation at all. Who knew that planning a wedding would be so stressful!? So I’ve been a bit sidetracked? I guess it’s the actual engagement period that I am finding so difficult. I’m glad that Michael and I are learning as we go and building a foundation along the way which will help us in the future. Incorporating my life into his and vice-a-versa is tough. I’m talking about family life, finances, my attitude and ectera because it is all so new to both of us.

I’m moving into our place first and he will follow after August 8th. Of course we’ll likely move his things in before the wedding and he’ll maybe crash on someone’s couch for a day or two . . . or three. The house is in the Highlands and so close to everything. I can even walk to Kroger which is my g- store of choice these days.

Let’s See . . .
Nothing immediate that I can think to update you on other than Mom and I are going to Busman’s Bakery tomorrow to try out some cakes. I don’t intend to do the traditional wedding cake per se because I like to be different. I am getting Petit fours for everyone and one very chocolate cake for the groom and for picture taking purposes. They are so cute and very tasty! I think I have some good friends that will appreciate them.

Off to bed. Good Night.


About Beth

I'm a woman striving to follow Jesus. I live in Louisville, KY with my handsome Michael and I am very thankful for the life that I have.
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One Response to 81 Days

  1. laura says:

    Only one petit four?!?!? :) I will appreciate them(maybe Nathan won’t want his?:) for sure! I hope you had/have fun trying cakes-but don’t eat too much sugar-or you might regret it! :) Love you friend

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