The Weekend

Michael and I had a great weekend together. My in-laws ventured up to Louisville to go to St. James with us (Side Note: I didn’t find one pair of earrings that I liked) and we bumped into a few people we knew. The Laffins, Jason Walton and a few others. Tera said that she had a hard time finding a great pair of earrings too which made me feel better. For some reason everyone was selling the same thing, rounded glass bead earrings which were a little too cutesy for my taste. Oh well I’ll try again next year. Michael’s parents are great and we got to have lunch with them on someone’s stoop in Old Louisville. We slid through the row of giant tents and had lunch on some steps behind where the vendors were set up. I was surprised that the low mein and veggies were actually quite tasty. It was probably the healthiest thing in sight and not very expensive. They had a great set up. Two giant woks were cooking at the same time. One was used to mix sauce, veggies and noodles and the other was used to keep the food warm and where the lady dished out from. Cash only ($6) and everyone got the exact same thing. Good business model if you ask me because the line was forever long.
R & R Accomplished. I cleaned the house, completed all the laundry (minus the folding which I hope my handsome will do today(please?)) watched the Soloist with Jamie Fox and Robert Downey Jr.(stellar film by the way), had Chinese take out and snuggled with my bug.
Overall weekend rating: Fantastic


About Beth

I'm a woman striving to follow Jesus. I live in Louisville, KY with my handsome Michael and I am very thankful for the life that I have.
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One Response to The Weekend

  1. laura says:

    Sorry about not finding any cute earrings-I bet you will be able to find some at the Fall Festival! :) Sounds like a great weekend-good luck on the folding from Michael! :)

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