2009 Year In Review

Some pretty big things happened for me this year.  Not so much in January, February or March but . . . beginning in April.   Number one, I got engaged and four months later we got married.  I find it interesting for those who were quite shocked that it happened because so many others had expected it all along.  I for one did not see it coming.  Michael blew me away when on April 15, (Good Friday) he got down on one knee and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his days with me and proposed.  Our Wedding came and went, though the agony of the weeks leading up to it were almost unbearable and the days never seemed to pass fast enough, relationships with people changed, our family’s came together and we became one.  It was a learning process.  The choices that Michael and I made were the ones best for us.  I have no regrets and feel sorrow for the choices of others whose behavior exhibited the opposite of loving and supportive friends.  In the end, my hope will not be found in the faulty fumbling s of man, money or power but in the one who created me.
We spent May, June and July in pre-marital counseling with Ben and Kristen Mast.  It was beneficial to work and talk through some common issues that arise when couples first marry.  I think we were off to a great start when we had to fill out a questionnaire about our relationship separately and then compare notes.  We were right on target with the answers except that we both put the other as the more outgoing one.  This was one of the easy ones too.  The questions were meant to create conversation and luckily we had already placed all the cards on the table beforehand so the really hard questions weren’t so hard.
These sessions were very beneficial but I don’t think you can ever be completely ready for marriage.  As shown by the fact that we did not experience the honeymoon period that everyone talks about when they think of newlyweds.  It was rocky in the beginning and we both did everything possible to get over that  hump of learning what it was like to live, breath and love in such close proximity to another human being.  Exactly five months in and we are still learning.  It has grown much easier and I knew that it would.  I told Michael that once I got over my stubborn selfishness I would be smitten smitten smitten and how then he would try to tear away from me so that he could get some space.  Well this has all been true minus the part of his needing space from me but it will only be a matter of time.  I say that jokingly.  He is a wonderful loving man and he shows me this every single day.  I want my friends who aren’t married yet to find one like him.
I started a new job at the end of August.  Four months of not working had gone straight to my head and I was stir crazy!  My resumé seemed tailored to the position at House of Ruth and after my second interview they offered me the job as Community Relations Manager.  It was such a relief for me because after hundreds, and I’m not exaggerating, of applications for jobs that I was qualified for only ten percent showed any interest.  It was disheartening at times.  For those of you who do not know, I resigned from my former position after my boss made some inappropriate comments to humiliate me in front of a group of people.  Yes, I could have sued her for defamation but working in an environment that was so toxic was not beneficial for me.  So I made a choice.
In September I did it, I got an iphone.  Husband convinced me to get one and I’m still resistant.  I only use the telly to call people, not do techy things and the fact that I regularly update a blog means that I am not resistant to technology just to the phenomena of always being available for anyone at anytime.  The thing is usually in a pocket in my purse.  I still maintain that it’s basically for emergencies but work gives me a stipend for it because the number is listed on my business cards.  I still think it costs too much.  I’d rather own a pretty pair of shoes.
In October, not a whole lot.
In November I spent my first Holiday as a Morgan with the Morgans.  I am so very lucky to have another loving family to belong to.  For those of you brides who have awful mother in-law woes, I’m sorry.  I don’t know what that must be like.  I’ll pray for you.
We mourned and celebrated in December.  I don’t come from a perfect family and I doubt that any of you do either.  Some of you know about my oma and how destructive she has been to my heart and mind.  I’ve always thought that things would become easier the older I’ve gotten but they have not.  Things meaning life and choices that I’ve had to make as an adult.  My mom reminded me right before my wedding that if I were being physically beaten repeatedly that I would not  return to the offender only to let them continue.  The same she said was true about my emotions.  Why would I return to someone to continue to be told how ungrateful and selfish I am and how I am to blame for all the hurt they’ve incurred over a lifetime.  This is what alcoholism does to the body and mind.  My oma did not come to my wedding.  It broke my heart.
Clink this LINK for a day in the life of my childhood.
Michael and I spent Christmas morning with my adopted parents and not the entire family because of some choices my brother has made.  Sin abounds and produces innocent suffering.  I ask the Lord how much more my heart can take of this hurt with my family.  One I was born into and one I was given.  It’s so easy to ask, Why me?  He is growing me and though I cannot understand and you cannot, he does.  I am so thankful that my husband has been by my side to protect me and to love me through all of this.  We’ve both grown to understand how much we need each other.
We celebrated my love’s birthday.  He turned twenty-eight on December 13th and I love to celebrate birthdays!  I completely surprised him with a Sarah Hall piece that he’d seen two years ago and wanted but didn’t have the money to buy.  I love love love him and love when he’s tickled about something.  It makes me smile.  We had a wonderful Christmas with Michael’s family and were spoiled beyond reason.  It is good to learn to receive.  This I did.  Only this past Wednesday did the celebrations end.  James, dong-seh -korean for baby brother- came over and we had a small but very Merry Christmas.  Tacos and a gift exchange.  It was so much fun to see him open his gift.  I think if I could get away with it, I’d thoroughly enjoy being the only one ever allowed to give gifts.
Last but not least, I got word that I did not get into U of K.  I will continue to pursue getting a MLS but will be patient about the timing.
Happy New Year.


About Beth

I'm a woman striving to follow Jesus. I live in Louisville, KY with my handsome Michael and I am very thankful for the life that I have.
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