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Chap 9
Learn to Wait

“Waiting is central to any ministry activity.  If you are truly committed to being part of what God is doing in the lives of others, you will be willing to wait.  Personal heart and life change is seldom a sudden event.  Usually it is a process.  You and I do not determine when and how the winds of the Spirit will blow, and people do not often become what they need to become overnight.  This means that in ministry we are called to have the same conversation again and again.  We are called to pick that person up after each failure, to be willing to forgive and forbear, to remind him or her once more of God’s presence and grace, and to be willing to have our lives slowed down and complicated in the process.  People of grace and love are always people who are willing to wait.”


About Beth

I'm a woman striving to follow Jesus. I live in Louisville, KY with my handsome Michael and I am very thankful for the life that I have.
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One Response to What I’m Reading

  1. Tera says:

    wow, I needed to hear that tonight. brian and i just finished a conversation about community group that this definetly applies to

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