Long Overdue

It feels like I’ve been away forever!  We left for family vacation, we returned home, I left for a work related conference last week and got home on Friday.   On top of everything I have been nauseous and spending my evenings throwing up.  Don’t you wish you had my life?  I am entering week 15 this Thursday and I am excited.  I take that back, WE are excited!  For those of you who had difficulty interpreting the video I posted, we’re going to have a baby!  I never thought that I would be so sick and have always believed that I have a high threshold for pain but staying tired, keeping a constant headache and my inability to endure any smell has rendered me helpless.  I’m taking it all in stride and remembering my handsome’s encouragement, “remember the prize dear”.  That is what I am doing. 

Other News:  We helped my dear friends Nathan and Laura Knisely move almost two weeks ago.  Talk about heartache.  I love them so much and their boys that I’ve had to really adjust to the fact that they aren’t right down the street anymore.  I met Laura and her twin sister Leslie in 2006 and couldn’t tell them apart then.  After getting to know the them I could easily distinguish the two through their personalities and style.  We shared life in a few CG’s (Wainright’s & Leightenheimer’s) and then Nathan and Laura went on to lead a group for the east campus.  Nathan and Laura had babies and I got married and life just seemed to fly by but we always picked up exactly where we left off.  There is quality in these friendships,  I know that if I needed either Laura or Leslie that they would be there to support me and offer  any help that I needed.  I’m trying really hard not to think about Leslie and the fact that she may be moving in a month and I’m taking the time to mourn over one friend instead of two.  It’s a strange thing to have someone you care about move away.  This is my first experience with it and I’m sad.  We gave our hugs and said goodbye and I cried the entire way home, a hard, heartfelt, meaningful cry.  I don’t plan to lose touch because Laura has this awesome blog which I know she’ll update regularly with the happenings of everything for the world to see!  Right? 

I love you dear friend.

Mm has been playing worship on Sunday mornings and he loves it.  I love it too because he really enjoys serving this way.  Corn I know but it’s just another reason I adore him.  Sick, barf, etc. . . Newlywed Smewlywed.  I can’t help it.  He’s been playing out east which means that we get to see friends that we never see anymore except out at that campus.  The downside about it is that we never see our friends in Germantown anymore (a mere few months but it seems like forever) but we’ll get back over there soon. 

The days of flexibility at work are coming to an end.  I’ll be returning to 9-5, M-F and evenings/weekends as needed on August 1st.  Let’s hope (and pray) that I could not be sick anymore.  Please? 

That’s it for now.  I’ll be right back with some interesting photos.


About Beth

I'm a woman striving to follow Jesus. I live in Louisville, KY with my handsome Michael and I am very thankful for the life that I have.
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One Response to Long Overdue

  1. Laura says:

    I miss you too dear friend!!! But, I will be sure to update my blog soon!! I don’t even know where the camera is right now. :( But you can keep bugging me until I post some pictures. :) We will be praying that you are not sick once you start back to “full time” work. You better keep your blog updated too-I want to see belly pictures!! And once that baby is here-you must bring her (that’s my prediction:) to see us. Love you Beth!

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