Presenting Baby Boy Morgan

Our ultrasound was yesterday morning and Baby Who did not want to wake up and cooperate with the technician.  He rolled over on his head toward the end and all we could see were his bum and spine.  The tech even left the room and told me to dance around and jiggle so that we could get him on his back to look at his heart.  He refused so we’ll have to take another look at week 28.  Michael said that he was my son for sure, given how stubborn he was being.  Ha, if that wasn’t the pot calling the kettle.  I’m just saying. . .   

It was so beautiful to see this little human wiggle around on the screen.  At one point we watched him swallow and move his little lips and wave his hand.  There were tears that I couldn’t hold back.  Who can make the argument that this tiny baby wasn’t intricately designed by the creator himself?  It was an extraordinary experience and one of the happiest days of my life.  Thank you God for making this baby.   

Now on to some of the stats.
I’ve finally been able to put on some weight.  Four pounds to be exact.
My blood pressure was 100/50 which is good for me.  It can be like night of the living dead at times because my bp will drop so low and it makes me feel terrible. 
Baby Who weighs approximately 11 ounces. (please don’t grow to be a ten pounder, please?)
His heartbeat was 155 beats/ minute.
He has strong bones!
His head measures exactly as it should at 20 weeks. (here’s hoping that you have a big head to house that large brain of yours baby, but not too big that you look like an oaf)
Due Date: Still January 6th
FYI: Those arrows . . . they’re pointing to it and verify that we are having a son.  In case you needed that explanation.


About Beth

I'm a woman striving to follow Jesus. I live in Louisville, KY with my handsome Michael and I am very thankful for the life that I have.
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