My Unicorn

Every time that Michael and I have gone to our Mexican place (our mom and pop owned place-Mexico Viejo) we’ve spent four quarters – 50cents a try- on our way out in the “lil homies” machine.  Front and center you will see the one that I have desired from the beginning.  We finally got him after getting every single homie that exists including a few duplicates.  It has taken well over a year but we got him!  Michael has dubbed him Peg leg Pedro.  We like to have fun. (click on the photo to get a better view)


About Beth

I'm a woman striving to follow Jesus. I live in Louisville, KY with my handsome Michael and I am very thankful for the life that I have.
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3 Responses to My Unicorn

  1. Tera says:

    Ah, I love this! What good memories you guys are making!

  2. Laura says:

    Amazing!! :)

  3. David, Shannon & Zack Hay says:

    Those will look lovely in Baby Who’s room!!

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