Good Morning

I’ve been awake for over an hour because my legs were aching in my sleep and my stomach was growling so loudly that I could hardly stand it.  I’ve since had a bowl of Cheerios, a banana and a Tylenol.   I don’t normally rise at 3:45 am but I think that our child might be arriving soon.  This is such a strange experience for me.   I went to the doctor yesterday and had the first exam of my pregnancy.  We decided that we would refrain from cervicals because we wanted the baby to come on his own and we would be patient.  I personally didn’t care to know if I were progressing at 36 weeks which is when they wanted to begin the exams.  Our doctor told us that I was 2-3 centimers dilated and almost 90% effaced.  My emotions are trapped somewhere between fear of the unknown and an overcoming amount of glee at the thought of meeting the life that has been forming inside of me for nine months.  I prayed this morning that the Lord would give me strength and courage to endure what is coming.  I’m a bit scared but I know that my body has been made for this and that I have a wonderful husband to love and support me through this.  Thank you dear friends for praying for me and for the encouragement you have given.


About Beth

I'm a woman striving to follow Jesus. I live in Louisville, KY with my handsome Michael and I am very thankful for the life that I have.
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2 Responses to Good Morning

  1. Laura says:

    Praying for you dearest Beth!! :) I know the feeling well, but-just as you said-all will be well! :) I can’t wait to hear the wonderful news, and see some pictures of your beautiful boy!!!!!!! Love you :)

  2. David, Shannon & Zack Hay says:

    Those feelings are totally normal. I remember being very scared but after it was all over I seen how God was in control the entire time. You are Gods child and he will take care of you during this. That little one is so lucky to have you as his mommy!! We are praying for you and Michael and Baby Who!!!

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