The Beach 2012

We decided to surprise Mm’s family by flying down to Treasure Island last Friday.  It was a whirlwind trip; we returned home this past Tuesday and had a wonderful time there.  Amos traveled and slept better than we anticipated and he loved the sand and ocean.  I’d say that it was an overall success.

First Airplane Ride: 6/1/2012

First time standing on the beachAdeline & Amos


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Easter 2012

Nanny and Pappaw got Amos his very own Craftsman toolbox complete with a multitude of wrenches in varying sizes and four screwdrivers to call his own.  Amos does not like toy tools and only wants the real ones so his Pap thoughtfully placed some sort of shrink-wrap material with a hard plastic edge covering the sharp ends.  Thank you FIL for helping me avoid having a stroke every time Amos walks around with one of those things.

Tool box from Beth Morgan on Vimeo.

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I’ve been working on this post for weeks

I haven’t been very good about writing and updating my blog the past couple of months and I think that many of you (gma’s and best friends) prefer to see pictures of Amos anyway.  We’ve been busy digging in the dirt and eating it (mostly Amos), working on the landscaping, doing laundry, finger painting (homemade recipe found here) and going to storytime at the library.  I’ve been sewing, knitting, housecleaning and baking bread here and there.  I’m very excited about the work we’ve (mainly my rugged brute of a husband) been doing to the yard to prepare it for our garden.  I really enjoy working with my hands outside and it’s one of the few times Amos will intentionally play independently.  He likes to mimic the work we are doing with the shovel, rake, trowel and water hose.  Other than that, I spend my days: teaching, disciplining, correcting, wiping ( I wipe wipe all of the time), telling Amos to “get down from there” because he’s climbed up onto something,  snuggling and kissing boo boos.  This is what I do a majority of the time and it takes a lot of work.  I get paid with open mouth kisses and gentle pats on occasion.



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An Early Spring


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Amos’ First Birthday

Untitled from Beth Morgan on Vimeo.

What an adventurous year it has been.  This post is much delayed as we’ve (primarily Amos but when children are sick both mamas and papas must endure) been trying to heal from sickness.  A got three big vaccinations at his one year check up and came down with a cold two days later.  I’m not sure if this was a coincidence since I also got sick when I received the same hepatitis vaccine.  Amos measured 31 inches in height (85th percentile), 25 pounds 14 ounces in weight (95th percentile) and his head circumference measured a whopping 49 inches (98th percentile).  He grew two inches in one month.  I shouldn’t be surprised since Amos has always grown very quickly in comparison to the other children we know.  I do think that he has slowed in growing out of his clothing.
He’s teetering between the 18-24 month size and he’s been wearing them since right before Christmas.  Thank goodness.  I don’t want to forget some of the fun things Amos does so I’m making a list here:

This week he started hissing like a snake. (learned from the Where’s Spot book)
Pretends to jump
Loves to use tools to “fix” things
Can blow kisses
Gives kisses generously to papa
Has started to cover his ears while I run the vacuum
Begs for a bath if we mention it (eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, . . .)
Still appreciates a good snuggle with mama
Listens closely to my phone conversations to papa and nods or does whatever I’m talking about
Laughs on purpose because he’s done something silly and he knows it’s made me laugh
Goes to turn on the lights when I talk about it being too dark in the room
Takes my grocery list/pen and pretends to write on it while I’m shopping
Signs “no touch” with his hand when I ask him what mama says

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Playing Catch Up

Our Christmas at home.
My boy loves his soft blankies so Mm and I stocked him up with a few for Christmas.  He was overwhelmed with happiness.

Bug’s birthday Cake

Too sweet mama

Birthday gift from papa and traditional Korean birthday attire, Hanbok
First chipped tooth



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Twelve Months

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